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Peanut Butter & Granola Cookies

I was inspired for this cookies for a cause post by TJ’s sister, Sara, who is turning 29 in September. Sara reached out to us last week and explained that she was going to make her birthday extra special by planning her own personal triathlon which would add up to 29 miles. In addition to this, in lieu of gifts or cards, she wanted to start a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for two families that she’s extremely close with who have been affected by cancer.

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Granola, Avocado & Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve been on a granola cereal kick for a few months now to the point that I’ve run out of cabinet space! Due to the overload, I wanted to use the cereal in a way other than simply in a milk-filled bowl or mixed with my yogurt. The texture of one brand in particular made me think its granola could work well if it was used similar to oatmeal in a cookie. This recipe is a play on that idea.

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Dark Cherry & Pistachio Honey Loaf with Almond Glaze

I recently saw a recipe floating around online for some sort of citrus blueberry bread. I was excited to try and make it since I’m fond of that flavor profile. Unfortunately, my boyfriend is not. In order to meet somewhere in the middle, I came up with my own combination of fruit, nuts and other ingredients to create this recipe instead.  Continue reading

Simple Pudding Ice Cream (No Ice Cream Maker Necessary!)

Ice cream can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on how you look at it. For the longest time, it was the latter of the two for me since I’m lactose intolerant. Even those digestive pills on the market couldn’t help me enjoy a cup of soft serve at the local parlor anymore. So I sadly did without it. In time, I discovered a few lines of non-dairy brands, although there weren’t too many flavor options and the ice cream itself was as hard as a rock! Finally, I decided to just make my own.
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Banana Bread

During a visit with my parents, my mother and I discovered coconut extra virgin oil while shopping. As I began searching for recipes that featured this product, I came across banana bread. I had never made one before and figured it might be a great opportunity to try out two new things at the same time! Continue reading

Chocolate Almond Raspberry-Filled Twists (A Pillsbury Blogger Event Exclusive)

I had an amazing opportunity to travel to General Mills’ headquarters in Minneapolis, MN and participate in an intimate Pillsbury Blogger Event. What wonderful timing since we’re in the midst of the holiday season when everyone is trying to figure out what sweets and eats to make for their parties! Continue reading

“Bundle of Joy” Piñata Cookies

As the title signifies, this cookies for a cause post focuses on what many individuals and couples would like to experience in their lifetime…to love and raise a child. Unfortunately, sometimes-uncontrollable situations arise which might alter the expected plan. The beautiful thing is that determination and willpower always manages to help find a way. Continue reading

Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

The other night I was watching an episode of Cutthroat Kitchen, hosted by Alton Brown. During a cupcake challenge, one contestant sabotaged another by forcing them to use a crudités platter. The chef didn’t flinch and wound up making a “harvest” cupcake with the mandatory ingredients. This actually motivated me to make carrot cupcakes. Continue reading

Krabby Patty Cakes (Hamburger Cakes)

I love it when things fall into place unexpectedly. We’re having a combo birthday celebration tonight for TJ and his sister, Joanna, whose birthdays both passed a few days ago. Yesterday, Joanna asked me to bring the dessert but since I didn’t have time to run out and buy ingredients, I knew I’d have to use what was already in our kitchen. At the same time, my dear friend, Leah, was sending me photos of these awesome-looking “krabby patty cakes” which her six-year-old son, Patrick, had just made with her. Continue reading