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Granola, Avocado & Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve been on a granola cereal kick for a few months now to the point that I’ve run out of cabinet space! Due to the overload, I wanted to use the cereal in a way other than simply in a milk-filled bowl or mixed with my yogurt. The texture of one brand in particular made me think its granola could work well if it was used similar to oatmeal in a cookie. This recipe is a play on that idea.

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Banana Bread

During a visit with my parents, my mother and I discovered coconut extra virgin oil while shopping. As I began searching for recipes that featured this product, I came across banana bread. I had never made one before and figured it might be a great opportunity to try out two new things at the same time! Continue reading

Matzo Brei

When it comes to cuisine, I think having a diverse background helped me appreciate different foods and their unique flavors. My mother explained to me that our ancestors came from Ireland, England, Czechoslovakia, Austria and Poland. One of the dishes stemming from my heritage that I remember growing up with was matzo brei. Continue reading